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Magellan and his clouds!


Magellanic clouds are those clouds,named after Portugese explorer Ferdinand Magellan.
He recorded their presence for the first time,in early 16th century.

Magellanic clouds are two galaxies,which are visible in the southern hemisphere. We can only see them as a small hazy,patches of light.

They are classified as irregular galaxies,because of the distribution of stars in them. They just don’t follow any pattern.

The clouds contain huge quantity of gases,of course which forms the clouds;composed mainly of hydrogen.

The visibility of this clouds is just due to the young,luminous and hot blue stars,which surrounds these gaseous clouds at the periphery.

They are still called as magellanic ‘clouds’ and not magellanic ‘galaxy’ because,they contain billions of stars,irregularly distributed; individual stars can only be visualized by using a powerful telescope. In general the galaxies appears to be a cloudy combo.


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