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Yes,we can fall infinitely!


The frame fixed to earth is actually non inertial frame. It’s rotation on it’s own axis and its rotation around the earth makes it always accelerating.

We live on the surface of earth. As a result the rotation of earth may make us fly off ,If there wasn’t gravity to hold us. This effect is more at the equator than polar regions.

But for a person who can’t see or observe this rotation or revolution,earth is always an Inertial frame. It’s just because,comparing our motion With earthly beings are easier than stars or galaxies.

Think about the Satellites or a space shuttle in orbit,around earth. They are going around and around. Right? But no!
They are just falling. They are just Infinitely falling everytime in Free fall towards earth.

For them,when they fall ,they gets displaced vertically downwards. However,they gets a horizontal large displacement simultaneously,resulting in a rotation. They falls over the edge. They keep falling and falling,but gets slipped over the edge forever and ever.

What about the things / humans inside the spaceship? They too does the same. They are too in a free fall stage along with their ship. That’s why we can see floating guys in space ships or International Space station.

We may try to explain this with Introducing centrifugal force. But to be frank,its a big lie. There doesn’t exist and centrifugal force,never ever in the universe.

So whenever you encounter a satellite and its path,understand they are falling and falling.


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