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Universe is a Hologram?


Is the Universe a Hologram?

Taking up the Definition from Wikipedia,

“Holography is the science and practice of making holograms. Typically, a hologram is a photographic recording of a light field, rather than of an image formed by a lens, and it is used to display a fully three-dimensional image of the holographed subject, which is seen without the aid of special glasses or other intermediate optics. “

This question have been asking from the 90s by the Sci-Fi fans to theoretical Physicists. Recently a paper have been published in Physical Review Letters by a group of Scientists from Canada,UK and Italy.

Time had a beginning – It is still a big question without a proper answer.

What was the nature of laws of physics? We don’t have an Evidence yet. But,if it was right,what would be the picture of its origin? What is the cause of such a picture? How would it have evolved? Can we say,our universe is a projection or a Hologram?

Holograms are flattwo dimensional surfaces which can produce three dimensional images. We could see them on Modern ID cards like Credit cards or even in Price Tags. With the concept of our Three dimensional world and the proposed fourth dimension of time are yet not easy for us to imagine,which makes it more complex to visualize the story of a Hologram.

The Properties of a Black hole is determined by the activities at its boundary,the Event Horizon. In String theory,we can describe the universe as a two-dimensionally evolve-able structure. 

Combining the ideas,can’t you smell something?

Holography,as said in the beginning, is an old idea. But no one have ever given an evidence,especially an observational one! A group of Scientists from UK,Canada and Italy have achieved that.

Big bang theory Suggests an Infinite dense initial condition,which had a tiny spot of space,which exploded – banged to form the current universe through a process called inflation. its hard for us to go back and verify the theory,but it is easy to check the reminiscences of it. Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation or CMB in short is a big clue. We can assume CMB was the Matrix of birth. CMB was the womb in which our universe expanded. Fortunately which have shown it presence still to date. Measuring the amount of these Radiations in the universe would give a path to our search of birth and existence of our universe.

The CMB radiations are measured through some old methods,which isn’t accurate enough. The Scientists’ idea was to compare the experimental results of CMB to match with their Holographic theories’ Predicting values. The values they got was comparable,but due to the inaccuracy and ow precision,the measured values created difficulty. Later,European Space Agency’s Planck mission released more accurate values of experimental measurements of CMB,which made the scientists to work out their theory’s Validity.

Reduction of distance between the results of their Holographic theory of universe and the CMB experiments was a hope for them. Comparing the Planck Mission Data to predictions of the Holographic theory models, Scientists differentiated this to the current inflationary big bang model. The Differentiation made the results to be matching,which proved that the Holographic model is also an equal possibility.

Bayesian inference,a statistical technique was used by them to check for the higher possibility of one among the two theories. They checked for Constraints,Measuring tools and other variations among them. Bit it was a failure. Equal chances for the inflationary and holographic model still persists.

Sorry,to disappoint you – Universe isn’t a Hologram yet,but the scientists have now made it an unexceptionable fact that when we think of a model for universe.

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