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Light From Sound!


I too haven’t heard this until my friend DEEP,posted an article about it on his Facebook Timeline.

SONOLUMINESCENCE is the emission of short bursts of light from imploding bubbles in a liquid when excited by sound,as per wikipedia.

Simply, it is Process in which the light can be produced from Sound!!!

Sound & Light; Shockwave & Superluminal ; Both are Phenomenal & Related!

This experiment is defined in a research paper in 1931 but at that time the results of this SONOLUMINESCENCE is still unknown. No scientists can find out the cause but in 70’s the science flourished & the cause of this mystical glow of light from sound is deciphered.


Take a jar full of water. Insert a small bubble inside the water in the jar. Bombard the water bubble with sound waves of high intensity from opposite directions.

The sound wave will enter inside the bubble & makes the bubble expands. The density decreases and the bubble increases in size.

Then suddenly the bubble just can hold its own weight in its position inside the jar and implodes inward. The density increases. All the water molecules are rushing towards the interior of the bubble with a tremendous high velocity.

The friction between the molecules inside the bubble will create a massive heat some trillions of degree Celsius which then tries to make out through the barrier of the bubble with a rush of light and heat. The bubble collapses with its own density and gravity & hence the heat & light which generated upward through the collapsing of the bubble by a process of nuclear fusion.

The nucleus inside the atom of the water will try to fuse with each other as they get compacted & comes closer & closer. This results in a shock-wave with a high pressure gradient which causes the heat to escape outwards with a speed greater than that of light.

As a result, the wavelength of the light will squeezes tremendously & thereby the frequency & energy increases exponentially resulting in a ultraviolet glow. Starting from blue, then violet, then ultraviolet. The water molecules are actually travelling faster than that of the light and hence the Super luminal glow is observed.

So, Light can be produced from the sound by combining the Mach Effect with Cherenkov Effect along with the Shockwave relating to the nuclear fusion. The Physics is simple as that of a star collapsing under its own weight to form a black hole.

The star whose core is burning in nuclear fusion radiates energy & when the hydrogen gets burned out and the helium gets deposited in the core followed by a chain of reaction from Lithium to Beryllium-8 isotope to Carbon, it collapses and make a distorted Spacetime with an escape velocity equal to that of the light. A Black Hole!

The similar thing happens inside the jar. The implosion produces a supernova and the bubble acts like a star in the jar.

You can contact him via his Facebook profile for further doubts.


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