IIT JAM 2018 Important Dates

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Time is precious. Especially for an IIT JAM aspirant,who is out looking for his future at IITs. IITs are the top most educational technical institute. Apart from the faculty and best resources,IIT is a great exposure to the world of science all over the globe.
We can even say, IIT is the MIT of INDIA or MIT is the IIT of USA.

So,an IIT JAM preparing, student must be in order with time. There are wide variety of theories and related problems to study. If with passion,the easiest.

Its a common experience that, IIT JAM is much easier than IIT JEE,as it it much concentrated to a single subject. Theoretical basics is the only thing you need,apart from problem solving experience to crack IIT JAM.

These are the most important dates to be remembered for an IIT JAM aspirant ,who will appear for it in 2018.

The official dates are yet to announce. However,the given range of dates can be very well considered,which are certain to a maximum correctness.


Application form release will be in the 1st week of September 2017.

Last date to submit the online application & uploading documents would be near the 2nd week of October 2017.

Last date for application fee payment is near 2nd week of October 2017.

Admit card availability should come over in the 2nd week of January 2018.

There will be a mock test available during the first week of February 2018,so better hurry up the portions.

Exam date is always on the 2nd week of February 2018,mostly between 11th to 13th of February.

Result announcement will be on the Last week of March 2018, which most probably will be coming around 15th of march.

Submission of admission form : 2nd to 4th week of April 2018

First admission list released : 1st week of June 2018

Second admission list released : 3rd week of June 2018

Third & final admission list release : 1st week of July 2018

Closure of admissions through JAM 2018 : 2nd week of July 2018


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